Our goal is to meet the needs of our partners, acting on their specific testing requirements, timeline, and budget. With this unique approach we have had the privilege of working with some amazing companies. We are able to partner with companies working in a wide variety of areas. Take a look at some of our projects:

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity
Wireless Gateway Comparison

By testing the signal quality of the Xfinity Wireless Gateway and comparing the results to those of other companies, we were able to show that Xfinity provided better speed and coverage than the competition. Xfinity utilized our test home to see how their device worked in a real-world environment, and how it outperformed other devices. See more about our results here.


Teledyne Blueview

Specializing in sonar, Teledyne Blueview couples this technology with an Ethernet communication backhaul. Due to issues with interoperability and dropping of data packets, Teledyne came to us for support. By working with their own engineering teams, reviewing board schematics, and board level experimentation, we were able to diagnosis the problem and find a solution.

Wifi Alliance

Alliance Standard

By creating a test platform that performs as either a Wi-Fi Direct Printer of a Wi-Fi Direct Print Client, Allion was able to implement standard Wi-Fi Alliance configuration commands. This allows other vendors to validate their own products against HP’s. Our model bridged the gap between the underlying Wi-Fi Direct hardware stack and the Wi-Fi Alliance’s test interface.


Face Detection Module
with Intel

Intel asked for Allion’s help identifying characteristics and environments that caused their face detection algorithm to fail. In response, we designed a test scenario for them that included 100,000 images of faces with catalogued characteristics. With this extensive database, we were able to help Intel debug their software and increase detection accuracy.