Wi-Fi NOW 2017 Recap: Connected Cities Are Coming

May 11, 2017

The Allion USA team recently exhibited at the Wi-Fi NOW 2017 Conference and Expo and had the opportunity to hear what our peers in the industry anticipate for the future of Wi-Fi. As Network World’s Bob Brown put it in his event summary, “The need for better, faster, denser and farther reaching Wi-Fi is pretty obvious — people are already so reliant on Wi-Fi and the number of Wi-Fi connected devices they’re adding to their homes and offices seems endless.” We couldn’t agree more.

Wi-Fi is not just for laptops and cell phones anymore — wireless connectivity and reliability are the cornerstones of most internet-enabled products; from smart refrigerators and speakers to connected thermostats and door locks. As more companies enter the “smart home” marketplace, developers will increasingly be challenged with ensuring not only a product’s traditional functionality (i.e. keeping food cold) but also its wireless capabilities and interoperability with other connected devices and infrastructure within the user’s home. Even if a developer is familiar with common Wi-Fi compliance and simple wireless integration, a product will not be successful in the marketplace unless it meets consumer expectations once it is taken out of the box. Customized real-world testing is the best solution for navigating the continued expansion of connected homes, cars and, eventually, entire cities.

Allion USA is the top provider of Wi-Fi product testing for performance, interoperability, and real-world deployment. If you are developing a product with Wi-Fi capabilities, contact us today to get started on your testing solutions.