Using Expertise and Unique Testing Solutions to Untether a Solar Panel

May 1, 2017

Solar panels are no longer a niche product with limited manufacturers. In the last decade, solar has experienced a compound annual growth rate of more than 60%*. As the global solar market evolves, providers are charged with differentiating their products and increasing efficiency to keep up with the competition.

Given the rapid product development, Allion USA was approached by a solar-as-a-service company hoping to add a wireless subsystem, or a Wi-Fi communications layer, to its residential solar energy systems. Wireless capabilities offer many benefits, including increased flexibility for system installation and maintenance. Plus, a wireless approach supported the company’s design goal for a streamlined, wire-free setup.

This particular solar company faced an issue many product managers are familiar with—they wanted to add new features to an existing product and test for accuracy, fast. Wireless is looked upon as a commodity, but it is much more complicated to add Wi-Fi to a product than one might think. Most companies don’t have wireless experts in-house and many labs are solely focused on compliance testing for industry standards. Meeting industry standards is an important step, but testing for real-life scenarios is also necessary to ensure product performance. Allion USA has the in-house experts to support both tasks.

The Allion USA leadership team started their careers working within major corporations and we understand the challenges of managing the product validation process necessary for market readiness. We conduct wireless testing for our clients every day and developing uniquely tailored testing processes for proprietary solutions is a core practice for our team.

Untethering a solar panel wasn’t easy, but the combination of our Wi-Fi expertise and customized testing solutions ensured the product met performance requirements and was ready for distribution. Whether you’re in the beginning design phases, in the middle of a project, or revamping an existing product line, we can help you achieve market success and meet your goals. Click here to read the full case study and contact us today to get started on your testing solutions.

*Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) Solar Industry Data, 2016