Testing Telematics: Finding the right partner to navigate automotive elements

September 17, 2018

The global automotive telematics market is expected to reach $141.47 billion by 2023, according to recent studies. That means in only five short years, this market will experience a compound annual growth rate of more than 33%.

That is a staggering rate of growth, and it is reminiscent of the rapidly growing big-data industry. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that big data and automotive telematics go hand-in-hand. Automotive companies rely on sensors for gathering real-time information about the functionality of vehicles. Tires running low? Your car’s telematics will tell you. Time for an oil change? No need to have the gas attendant check; the car will sound an alert if you reach the danger zone. And aside from these practical operational items, your car includes many other telematic elements that impact day-to-day functionality.

As auto makers develop new telematics systems, they need help navigating the testing process to ensure that end users don’t experience a breakdown. Allion USA works with automotive telematics developers to determine the best testing tools and methods for improving the driver’s experience. This requires incredibly robust, real-world testing.

Onboard diagnostic tools interact and track data primarily via Wi-Fi when not being analyzed in an auto shop or in person by a technician. And any newly-developed products intended to integrate with existing or future release products cannot be tested using tools that have worked for previous systems; they will require customized testing to analyze each product’s unique aspects.

Allion USA is developing end nodes for cars, and big data companies depend on these nodes for gathering, filtering, and processing the important information your car is storing. And it’s not just individual cars. Entire fleets of vehicles – think UPS or FedEx – also have incredibly complex telematics systems not only for tracking in-vehicle systems, but location services and more. These produce incredible amounts of data that must be received and analyzed to keep their business traffic flowing smoothly.

Not all facilities are able to provide the rigorous and custom made testing services that Allion USA has available. Our team can work with you to make sure that your products are tested in real-time and in real-world scenarios. Our fleet of test vehicles are uniquely equipped to take your product to the streets – literally – and make sure you reach your development destination. Contact us today to learn more about this unique service and how we can support your needs.