Game Developers Conference 2018: AR/VR and Mobile Trends

March 16, 2018

The Allion USA team is heading down the coast to the Bay Area for the annual Game Developers Conference. Announcements were made by several companies this week in advance of the show and we’re interested to see how this year’s agenda will help foster the global game development community. News from Google and others are setting expectations for AR/VR and mobile-friendly gaming in 2018:

Google Maps Open to Developers

  • Google announced that it will be opening Google Maps up to game developers who want to use the collected data to build location-based games similar to Pokémon Go. We expect that this will start appearing in new AR/VR games over the next few months.

Vicon Introduces Shōgun 1.2 at GDC 2018 with a Virtual Escape Room

  • In the world of motion capture camera systems, Vicon is planning a VR multiplayer escape room for GDC attendees as they debut the next stage in their expanding entertainment software platform, Shōgun 1.2. This update offers new features, including the ability to calibrate and record SDI video directly into the Shōgun pipeline. Shōgun was used in Blade Runner 2049 and is also being used by publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision.

Facebook opens Instant Games

  • Facebook announced that Instant Games are now open to developers. First launched in 2016, the platform lets developers build mobile-friendly games using HTML5 that work on both Facebook and Messenger, instead of requiring users to download native apps from Apple or Google’s app stores.

Developers are pushing the limits of consoles, peripherals and mobile phones to provide gamers with a truly immersive, second-life experience both at home and on the go. If you’re hoping to introduce a product to the gaming industry, you’ll need an experienced engineering team to ensure performance and end-user integration. Allion USA is a leader in product testing for performance, interoperability, and user experience. Contact us today for a meeting at GDC18 to discuss tailored testing solutions that can meet your company’s unique needs.