From War-time Invention to Home Delivery Tool: The Evolution of Drones

August 30, 2018

Drones have a long, interesting history rooted in warfare but their use cases are progressing and changing as technology advances. Initially, drones were used as a tool of war. Similar to a remote control plane, these devices were flown via a radio controller and used for military surveillance. Fast forward to 2014 when drones were rapidly adapted for consumer purposes; such as aerial photography and high-tech toys. As they have advanced, Allion USA has tracked drone industry trends and continues to explore the new possibilities that are emerging.

Coffee, Concerts and More

Drone developers are looking to cover a range of consumer needs — each seemingly crazier than the next. One potential new use is in the food and beverage delivery market: a recent patent filed by IBM would have drones delivering coffee to people based on a perceived need for caffeine. Another proposal revolutionizes the food delivery service, potentially cutting down on delivery times. Drones are also breaking into the entertainment industry, with popular rappers like Drake introducing drone choreographies during concerts. These high flying devices are also being utilized by insurers to review home damage after natural disasters. Drones are changing how we interact with the world, but how do we ensure that drones are ready for launch?

Takeoff to Touchdown: Drone Testing

Drones are a combination of motors, gyroscopes, magnetics, compasses and some pretty complicated physics. This complex combination means that they require an extensive testing process to guarantee success. Without thorough testing during the development stage, customer satisfaction could plummet and worse, they could face possible injury if a drone malfunctions. Allion USA guarantees extensive and detail-oriented, real-life scenario drone testing.

How Allion USA Can Help

As drones become more popular in the consumer space, the demand for enhanced testing services continues to grow. Allion USA offers a unique suite of drone testing services that cover the complicated elements of transmitter and receiver testing. These real-life scenario tests ensure that your prototype is ready to face the elements and your clients will be able to safely enjoy your product. Contact us to start the testing process. Because whether your clients are looking for a new toy or a caffeine fix, they want it to land in their hand…not in their lap.