Engaging with the Gaming Industry at E3

July 19, 2017

Every summer, new game titles are announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)—like Nintendo’s release this year of its new lineup for the Switch—that make headlines and catch the attention of the more than 2 billion video game players worldwide. The Expo, held in Los Angeles, is the world’s biggest annual event for computer, video, and mobile games, and other related products. It’s not only a great opportunity for many of our clients like Microsoft, NVidia, and Intel to showcase products, it is also a chance for custom hardware companies and start-ups to make their entrance to the marketplace.

Allion USA is a resource for the E3 community, from established Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, working to make their mark in the industry. Creators of consoles and peripherals – such as headsets, controllers, and VR input devices – need an experienced engineering team to effectively test their products and speed time to market. Through our many unique testing capabilities, including wireless communications, sensors, power management, A/V analysis, and end-users environment integration and experience testing, we can ensure that every product will truly provide gamers with an immersive, second-life experience.

Our team was excited to meet with cutting edge gaming technology experts at E3 and although it may not be obvious for companies like Tesla, Mattel, and Warner Brothers to be involved in this space, their presence emphasizes the reach of the gaming industry. More and more industries are eager to learn about the gaming experience and how it might be integrated into their products and experiences. The diverse partner, sponsor, and attendee line-up at E3 demonstrates a common goal of figuring out how best to use gaming platforms to create an immersive, and sometimes nostalgic, visual experience.

Allion USA is a leader in product testing for performance, interoperability, and user experience. If you are developing a gaming product, contact us today to discuss tailored testing solutions to meet your company’s needs.