Debugging Side-by-Side

September 6, 2017

The average North American household has more than seven active connected devices in use each day and companies are racing to capitalize on consumer trends by releasing the next big thing. But before a product hits the market, it must meet interoperability requirements outside of routine standards testing to ensure flawless performance in multi-vendor and multi-protocol environments.

A global consumer electronics company came to Allion USA hoping to test their next connected home product within a tight timeline. Facing an aggressive product launch date, the company needed a fully stocked device library and testing environment to ensure interoperability in the real world and ultimately a successful customer experience. When the Allion USA team discovered a problem the first day of testing and the client couldn’t provide the appropriate patch remotely, our domestic location made it easy for them to fly out and debug their product side-by-side with our team of experts.

Allion USA understands how critical it is to stay within a proposed timeline and on budget. Our convenient location in Beaverton, Oregon and ability to work hand-in-hand in real time with our clients can help guide your product testing from start to finish. Read the full case study here and contact us today to learn more about how our team can keep your product deployment on schedule.