CES 2018: The Smart Assistant Battle Heats Up

January 25, 2018

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a hit, as usual, filled with jaw-dropping innovations that thrilled the Allion USA team. Chinese company Byton’s new concept car highlighted how “future car” is becoming synonymous with computer. The team was also excited to see that while augmented reality and virtual reality are slowly becoming more mainstream, the increasing ubiquity of the smartphone will likely lead to AR eclipsing VR in 2018. While all of these things are exciting, Allion USA was most interested to learn the latest news on our bread and butter: connected homes and smart assistants. CES 2018 did not disappoint.

Last year, even without a formal presence on the show floor, Amazon’s Alexa was the standout winner in connected home technology due to the sheer number of partner devices it integrated with. Amazon essentially positioned their Alexa as the heart of the Internet of Things ecosystem. But Google showed up to CES 2018 ready to challenge Alexa in the smart assistant game.

As soon as the team landed at McCarran International Airport, we knew that this year would be different for Google. Google’s presence at CES 2018 was impressive, beginning with a vast amount of billboards featuring the “Hey Google” tagline. Google also brought their “A-game” in the form of a large house-like stand outside of the convention center. Their giant gumball machine offering Google speakers to participants brought in the crowds and the fans stayed to partake in tours of the Google Assistant experience, including a smart car integration demonstration. Amazon featured another impressive number of partners this year, highlighting Alexa’s integration. The growth of smart assistants and increase in competition is expanding consumer options.

In 2018, smart assistants will likely continue to expand their range of “skills” and “actions” to enable even more capabilities in user homes, which begs the question, “who will come out on top at CES 2019?” Allion USA predicts that the smart assistant with the biggest product catalog and widest range of features will likely gain the lion’s share of the market space.

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