CEDIA 2017 Recap: Building Toward Connected Ecosystems

September 25, 2017

Recently, Allion USA attended the CEDIA 2017 trade show in San Diego, which unites home technology industry professionals around the topic of connected solutions. One significant theme that the Allion USA team observed at this year’s event was a push from manufacturers to bridge the gap between multiple IoT devices and create a single connected ecosystem.

As predicted by Digital Trends, one major standout from the show was Amazon’s Alexa. Partnering with Intel, Amazon developed a connected home demonstration using Alexa as a platform to manage a variety of devices. Alexa’s connected home capabilities included “Enable Nighttime,” which does everything from dimming the lights to locking doors to arming security and “Enable Morning Routine,” which can turn on lights, start the coffee maker and cue a wake-up playlist. The new Alexa demo hints at the future of connected homes: multiple devices interacting in concert, allowing users to customize and control many devices from a single platform.

Other highlights from the home entertainment sector included 4K QLED TVs from LG, Samsung and Sony, which showcased a range of applications such as video walls, Digital Display advertising, and even Displays as Art. Furthermore, Bose and SONOS released wireless speakers and whole home audio—all controllable from an Alexa system of course.

As a premier testing and validation partner, Allion USA tracks events such as CEDIA closely to stay up to date with the latest technical advancements and applications at the heart of the IoT revolution. We recognize that the need to ensure top performance through real-world testing grows as more and more connected devices enter increasingly congested environments (i.e. the modern home and office). Product and quality assurance teams should take into account not just the one-to-one connectivity of a device to the network, but all the underlying characteristics of that network as well.

This is where Allion USA comes in. As a fully stocked test lab complete with a vast device library and real-world testing facilities, our experts help device manufacturers ensure seamless performance and interoperability before their solution hits the market.

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