We test technologies in real-world applications for performance, interoperability, co-existence, user experience and debug. Customers draw on the depth of our experience and infrastructure to ensure coverage across many unique scenarios.

Allion USA has invested in the facilities, resources, and expertise needed to comprehensively test new and innovative technologies. All projects receive the utmost attention to accuracy, consistent communication, IP security and a unique understanding of test environments and use cases.


  • 55,000 sq. ft. headquarters
  • 44 dedicated product labs
  • 160+ onsite engineers (hardware, software, mechanical, electrical)
  • Secure badge access to each product lab
  • Extensive security system with 24/7 onsite personnel

Test Home

Allion USA test home

Test Chamber

Anechoic test chamber

Interop Library

  • Thousands of consumer electronic connected devices

RF Lab

  • 30 anechoic and non-anechoic RF chambers

Connected Home

  • Three 3,000+ sq. ft. fully furnished dedicated test homes

Connected Car

  • Access to hundreds of vehicles

Camera Lab

  • Dedicated camera labs to test optics, flash, sharpness, resolution, noise, contrast and color

Audio Lab

  • 5 Acoustic Chambers for audio performance testing

Research and Development Lab

  • Hardware and software development, including rapid prototyping and test fixturing

In addition to our presence in North America, Allion also has labs in Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea. To contact them please visit their website.

Meet Our Leaders

Ryan Hoppes

Ryan Hoppes


Ryan joined Allion USA in 2010 after a successful 15 year career with Intel Corporation, ultimately accumulating accolades as one of the youngest directors in Intel history.

Chad Meyer

Chad Meyer


Chad brings a wealth of engineering experience to the Allion USA team. His specialties are in software development, validation engineering, semiconductor, and consumer electronics.

John Webber

John Webber

Vice President, Validation Engineering

John brings more than 16 years of engineering and management experience to Allion. Prior to joining Allion, John spent 16 years at Intel Corporation.

Claire Wang

Claire Wang

Director, Compliance Programs

Claire brings more than ten years of experience in project management and compliance programs such as SATA-IO, Wi-Fi, USB-IF, Display Port and HDMI.